Five Nights At Freddy’s Evolution APK for Android Free Download is made and developed by NathanZicaOffical, who is a regular fan of the official series FNAF. The game consists of all horror elements such as the look of animatronic robots, effect sounds, and jumpscares. Don’t hesitate to download the game for free here.


The story starts with a news article about an establishment being in need of an investigator. Due to the fact that the main attraction of this place is animatronic robots. At night, they suddenly behave unpredictable and have a tendency to find out and approach someone.

Incidentally, you are looking for a new job. After reading this news in the newspaper, you decide to apply for the job. And eventually, you get this position. You will work on the night shift, starting at 12 am and finishing at 6 am tomorrow for five nights. You will have a surveillance camera system and you need to check it anytime to make sure everything is proper. If you see something weird is going on, and animatronics leave their own position, immediately protect yourself.

Are you able to find out any facts about this place or the robots will sooner come closer to you?

Download Five Nights At Freddy’s Evolution APK for Android for free and continue to discover the story.


by: Womzy Games