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Dark Deception is a fan-made horror game, which is free for download for Android devices using the APK file. This game is made inspired by the famous FNAF horror game series.

Dark Deception

Unlike the main series of the FNAF game series, Dark Deception features an entirely different universe from the main FNAF series. The animatronic characters are completely different and you will be taken to the distortion world.

There will be no camera or phone guy like other games, instead, you will get a guide from Bierce, an old woman who lives in this dimension. Your mission is to collect soul shards from different areas of this world in order to get out of there.

There will be no night in this game, its levels will be known as rooms. Defeating the character in each room will let you obtain soul shards from them. Each character will have its own strengths and weakness. You will get clues for their property when talking to Bierce.

As we don’t want to spoil the game to you anymore, it will be better for you to download and try Dark Deception out yourself. It is free for download here on our website and can be installed to Android devices using an APK file.


by: Glowstick Entertainment @GlowstickEntertainment

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Dark Deception Android GameJolt