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Guys look, a birdie! But is FNF mod

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Guys look, a birdie! But is FNF mod is a mod built by Codding Cat to make Friday Night Funkin more exciting and challenging. It’s among the most intriguing mods that challenges players at super high speed, making the levels tougher to conquer.

In Guys look, a birdie! But is FNF mod, you need to walkthrough 7 weeks of increasing difficulty. Your mission is not only against the other opponents, but also to win the affection of your crush and her daddy.

FNF Mods has a sole gameplay that is quite simple. You just need to have a good sense of timing to match the arrows coming from below with the frames on top. The more precise you can bring the arrows to the frames, the higher score you’ll get. Though simple, it gets faster each level, and you need to have a perfect timing skill to score high. This is a game with fast reaction time and is the most loved today.

FNF Online is created with excellent graphics and lively sound that every player loves.

If you have passed this game, keep challenging yourself with two mods that offer more difficult levels: FNF X Pibby vs Red And Peashooter and FNF vs Chainsaw Man. Hope that you will enjoy the challenges and make it to the top.

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How to play

Guys look, a birdie! But is FNF mod is simply similar to other mods on Friday Night Funkin. In this game, your only mission is to bring the arrows speeding from the bottom to the right place and try to catch up with the speed to score as high as possible.


Use WASD or arrow keys:

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or WASD to play FNF on your PC. (If you are a newbiew, you should use the arrows)

Enter or Space bar:

To Start or Pause the game, please use Enter or Space bar.

Mod Credits

  • This mod is created by: Codding Cat
  • And other team members

FNF original credits

  • ninja_muffin99: CEO, developer
  • KadeDev: Software engineers
  • PhantomArcade3k và evilk8r – Characters, Artists
  • kawaisprite – Music Producer

And other team members who has greatly contribute to the mods on Github.

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Guys look, a birdie! But is FNF mod