Friday Night Flippin’ V2


Friday Night Flippin’ V2 is yet another significant upgrade milestone for the FNF community. You may relax by listening to new music in this mod.

FNF Flippin’ V2 is a wonderful Friday Night Funkin mods mod since it includes a wide range of songs. Furthermore, several tracks have been remixed and incorporated into Banger’s more complicated tunes.

If you enjoy music, this mod will provide you with a unique experience. While listening to these tunes, you must contend with a slew of characters, including Pump, Skid, Capbin, Pico, Mearie, and Dearie.

The setting is an enigmatic abandoned mansion. This battle is exceptional since you will be playing as Sen alongside Lem battling against other characters; focus on winning and passing this mod.

The game designer changed several elements in this FNF Mods so that the mod runs properly. You do not need to be concerned about technological issues.

Hopefully, you’ll like this mod and the universe of FNF Flippin’ V2, since it’s one of the finest modifications in the world. If you enjoy this mod, please share the word so that others can enjoy it as well.


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Friday Night Flippin’ V2

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