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FNF vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod

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FNF vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod is a mod that only features the characters from Origami King; you will still play as BF and battle all of the characters in this universe.

FNF vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod is both exciting and amusing. There is nothing to critique in terms of landscape and effects; everything is fantastic, and the characters are created extremely charming and realistically. When playing the game, it seems like you’re watching a cartoon.

Furthermore, there are really large bosses in vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod that will abduct your GF and you will have to battle hard to free her from him. There will be 9 songs in the mod, which will be divided evenly between three weekly versions. There will also be a song that will be published soon.

If you like Origami King, you should not miss out vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod since it will allow you to find something new in the mix of your two favorite games. Many players remark that this is one of the most beautiful modifications in FNF Mods ,it is appealing due to its aesthetics and effects, and it provides them with a lot of fun.

If you own this mod of Friday Night Funkin, you will no longer have a boring day. Please visit FNF Mods right now to get the mod and have a lot of fun.

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FNF vs Paper Mario: The Origami King Mod
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