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FNF vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod

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FNF vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod will provide you with an exciting, exhilarating experience since you will be fighting against MAG Agent – a massive villain from Madness Combat.

FNF vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod is a horror mod in which the character to battle is MAG, a very nasty figure. He’s from the wildly popular Madness Combat, which is available in FNF MODS’ Tricky Mod V2. The majority of the characters in Madness Combat are nasty and frightening, and they are the opponents who make the game challenging for the player.

The interface, sound, and picture of the vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod are all made to be spooky and appropriate for this mod’s horror genre. This mod’s main hue will be bright red, which gives players a sense of dread. The vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod’s sound is incredibly quick and expressive, and MAG’s rap voice is also highly harsh and difficult to hear.

The later the songs, the quicker the tempo will go, and the character will alter as well; at the finish, his weapon will be changed to a shotgun.

The FNF vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod is the ideal marriage of the horror genre with a colorful music game. If you haven’t tried this combo before, you should do it right now because it has a lot of intriguing features in this mod. You may now download this mod by visiting FNF Mods to view the tutorial and learn more about this wonderful mod. The Friday Night Funkin mod will keep you entertained while also relieving you of a lot of stress.

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FNF vs MAG Agent v2.0 Mod