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FNF vs Fireboy & Watergirl

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FNF VS Fireboy & Watergirl will put you in an unusual position. You must battle against the water gals. It is, however, simply a rap fight.

FNF VS Fireboy & Watergirl allows you to ridicule them by laughing at Watergirl. It will be hilarious since it will never happen in real life. You, on the other hand, will be damned. You are not dead; rather, you have been sent to hell. However, if you fail to defeat them, your destiny is sealed. If you overcome them, you can skip this mod and try a harder one.

Three new songs, a new week, Kool-Aid, Dialogue, Main menu, and Title screen are among the new additions to VS Fireboy & Watergirl. Despite the fact that you must battle Watergirl, the game is still entertaining, so please play it without restriction.

This Friday Night Funkin mods mod is popular among professional players. After completing this mod, you will be able to explore additional FNF Mods in the future.


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FNF vs Fireboy & Watergirl
Android Port by - iCr4zySpace85 (V1)
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