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FNF vs Ben Drowned Mod

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FNF vs Ben Drowned Mod is a little disturbing mod when you open it, the sound of Ben’s laughing will make you shudder. Will you be able to overcome him?

FNF vs Ben Drowned Mod includes graphics, and the interface appears to be quite creepy and disturbing. Boyfriend must compete in the rap battle against Ben D the horrifying drowning version or Majora’s Haunted Mask. Your opponent is filled with terror and fear, but the mod includes a woodland background, which adds to the horror.

If you like horror in general, vs Ben Drowned Mod for you; it’s horror from the graphics to the interface to the music and context. The version will proceed through the struggle with two songs: drowning and expurgation, which will give the character a sense of terror in this Friday Night Funkin mod. Furthermore, while this mod is based on the horror genre, its features and noises are precisely and passionately produced.

Horror fans see this as one of their favorite modifications. Its sound and visuals are highly clear and realistic, and the scream will be unsettling for many gamers. This Friday Night Funkin mod will be a tool for you to utilize in your leisure time to have fun or to relieve tension from others around you. Please visit FNF Mods right away to get your hands on this great mod.

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FNF vs Ben Drowned Mod

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