FNF: Plant’s Night Funkin Replanted


FNF: Plant’s Night Funkin Replanted – This mod reminds you of your times playing PVZ because the characters in the game that have to fight are plants in PVZ.

FNF Plant’s Night Funkin Replanted – still a fun but thrilling game. However, please do not take it too seriously because the cute, familiar characters and funny songs will help you have fun moments with this mod.

The matches take place between many characters: plants, zombies, Crazy Dave. You may not know that this Friday Night Funkin mod is ranked at the top of the best music mods. Therefore, your battles in the mod will be fun and without any technical errors and interruptions.

In particular, the animation of this mod is excellent, the characters look like animated characters that are very lively and familiar to you. Please download the game now and experience this great mod in FNF Mods, because it is one of the favorite mods of millions of players worldwide. 

If you like to explore the world of your favorite game in a version of Friday Night Funkin game then this mod will allow you to experience this. Hope you have a great time trying this mod of Plant’s Night Funkin Replanted.


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FNF: Plant’s Night Funkin Replanted