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FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod

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FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod is a peaceful and tranquil mod, where the matches will turn into a chat, and then a date.

FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod tell about Carol’s date with Whitty, today Whitty suddenly became gentle and dressed very well. Today is his date with Carol, a very attractive and pleasant young lady. The layout of the Friday Night Funkin mod is fantastic; there are a lot of things and people in the mod, yet it is properly created.

In terms of music, FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod feature three songs: Whitroll, Perfume, and Heartbass, all of which sound extremely soothing and sweet. Aside from the exceptionally smooth motion animations, the surrounding setting in FNF Mods is most likely a peaceful dance floor for couples in love. And the majority of the characters with pairings feature here, making for a pretty interesting mod.

This is one of the modifications in Friday Night Funkin with the most romantic sights, music, and graphics; it is appropriate for couples in love. Do you wish to investigate this fantastic mod with an enticing plot? Please go to FNF Mods right now to download and try out this mod.

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FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week Mod