Another new game could make you scream out loud when playing. This game is not like the rest of the PC horror games you have tried. It contains a lot of things that you may not want to see or touch.

Static² - The AfterStories Free Download
Static² – The AfterStories Free Download

For the first time, the producer has warned you about the effect of the game. Static² – The AfterStories is not just a horror game. It could bring you nightmares and make you cry in your stream, sound scary!

Fredbear’s cellar is the thing you should be afraid of; it is a beast that brings pain and tears. You don’t know how bad it could get when messing with this “THING” from the start. When you get too deep in it, you can not get out. That is the reason why you have to find a way out before it can find and kill you.

Static² – The AfterStories free download, so don’t shine to try this game. Remember not to play this alone. Call some friends to help you solve all the riddle. Find yourself a chance to live and get out of the hand of Fredbear’s cellar.


By: -White Crag Studios- @KIIISTO

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