Friday Night Funkin’Pixels v1.5

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Friday Night Funkin’ Pixels v1.5 is a Friday Night Funkin’ modification. It’s a thrilling rap fight set in the realm of pixels.

Friday Night Funkin’ Pixels v1.5 will provide you with many memorable moments with rap melodies and tunes. It will be beneficial if you prepare a nice set of headphones to listen to music.

Apart from the other modifications at FNF Mods, this is perhaps the most unique mod because it is made in pixels. Endurance Duo and Madness will be updated in this game.

Because Friday Night Funkin is a music game, each version will represent a distinct music universe. If you’re new to FNF Pixels v1.5, you should start with this mod because it’s one of the greatest in the world.

If you are overly worried and want to have fun and relax to alleviate tension, this FNF game is a perfect option for you.

Finally, remember to show your support for the game’s developers by following them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


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Friday Night Funkin’Pixels v1.5


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